Download my CoCo software collection (9.4MB .zip file):
These are the files I have collected from the Net and elsewere. Eventually it ay be organized better, but for now I have just put everything into this folder, so there are doubtless some duplicates and programs that may not work properly. If any of these have been posted without the appropriate permission, please let me know.



Various CoCo, classic computing and retrogaming rants

So what is a CoCo and how does it stack up in the classic gaming world?

The Color Computer has a lot of limitations and never saw a lot of the most popular software titles other computer and video game owners saw in their day, but also saw some great programming achivements and developed an incredibly loyal and long-lasting fan base. A critical and occasionally harshly realistic look at the hardware that occupied so many of our hours and some of those who made it happen, along with a look at some competing platforms and titles selling at the time.

A serious side of the CoCo (or how I got through college on a computer without lowercase letters and a program from the reject bin)

This started as a review of the word processing program VIP Writer, but became a rant when I started babling on about other programs such as Telewriter 64 and writing in general on a home computer with one of the worst text displays ever when it came to suitability for such things. Like a lot of the CoCo's shortcomings, some great efforts by some very cool people made it possible for people like me to continue loving their humble machines while exercising the finer points of serious work such as narrowing margins so college term papers were the correct length.